BRIGHT LIGHT LOW  is what happens when two distinctly soothing voices collide in intimate harmony that layers into epic choral landscapes.  

Renee Stahl and Tom Rossi have clearly used this collaboration as an opportunity to tap into the lush and slick side of classic rock vocal groups, without any apology. In so doing, they capture an unabashed acoustic sweetness that strikes at the heart.  

There’s always the echo of contemporaries like The Weepies and Civil Wars bubbling beneath the surface. But BRIGHT LIGHT LOW is at its soul foundation much more about a love and exploration of the immaculate pop found in less hipster-friendly vocal icons, like America and Fleetwood Mac.  

As Stahl and Rossi join forces in BRIGHT LIGHT LOW, they draw on this wide array of inner influences to express something at once profound and simple: the essential joy of voices singing in perfect harmony. We can hear it in the way EP opener and muse love song “5:19” builds from hypnotic heartbeat duet to coastal California anthem. Much as we can welcome the mournful sweetness of “It’s Just the Way It Is” or the elegiac beauty of “Do Not Stand,” based on Mary Elizabeth Frye’s famous poem, washing over us like a desert dusk breeze. At its heart, BRIGHT LIGHT LOW is a celebration of all the singers, since the first campfire, gathered under the stars to sing together.