with Tom Rossi

Supportive, deep process work to assimilate your experience in harmony with daily life. 


SCHEDULE ~ 6 Session Program - Bi Weekly - 

MEETING EVERY OTHER TUESDAY from 7-9pm, starting Tuesday May 2nd, 2023 ending July 11th, 2023.

Location: Los Angeles area in Tarzana, CA / In-person 



Please join us to take full advantage of the supportive environment our integration circle provides. 

This is a 6 session program over 3 months, meeting every other Tuesday from 7pm-9pm. 

Over the 6 sessions we will go through the 7 Stages of Integration in a supportive group setting. The 7 Stages will provide a framework to guide us through a complete integration process using counseling, appropriate exercises, meditations and journaling. 

The protocol in our Integration group format is designed to help you gain further insight and deeper wisdom, to make the most out of your psychedelic experience.  This group dynamic is powerful medicine that reveals we are not alone in our process, however isolated and challenging it may seem. To feel the support of others in this similar experience, is positively life changing. 


The 7 Stages Of Integration

  1. Remembering - Reconnect to your intention and what came to you in your experience. 
  2. Processing -  How did the experience impact you emotionally, both during the experience and after? 
  3. Undoing - What’s coming undone now? What are you letting go of? 
  4. Orienting - Align your life around health and goodness instead of pain or dysfunction. 
  5. Reconsolidation - Reorganizing, completing, and neutralizing traumatic memories. 
  6. New Beginning - What’s possible now, that wasn’t possible before? 
  7. Translation/Service - Translating gems mined from our journeys into visible external changes in our day-to-day lives, in a way that serves the greater good.


You will receive many benefits from taking part in this type of psychedelic integration work. One of which is the larger support field, co-created, that attends to your individual experience, while plugging you into the greater universal experience. 


  • Living a more abundant life 
  • No more isolation and loneliness 
  • Learn to see clearly beyond your limitations 
  • Make heart-centered, long lasting friendships 
  • Build Community

"Tom holds great space. He is very present and compassionate. He listens to where you are while simultaneously guiding you to where you can become greater. If you’re looking for a blend of down to earth realness and spiritual juiciness, then look no further, Tom’s your guy." - Dillan, host of Brothers of Wisdom